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    Seasons By Breaths feat. Chad Kapper & Dimwind

    A Very Special Split-EP

    Review von Anne
    28.04.2022 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    Seasons By Breaths feat. Chad Kapper & Dimwind
    Bild/Picture: © Dimwind/Breaths

    For me, as a music blogger, life always has surprises in store. One that really stands out happened to me some days ago when I realised that two of my favourite post-music projects – Dimwind and Breaths – decided to record a split-EP together after reading my articles about each other on my blog.

    Yes, you read that right: The split EP "Seasons" by Breaths (feat. Chad Kapper of Frontierer) and Dimwind would certainly not exist without my interview with Breaths founder Jason, the one with Dimwind founder Jonas and my reviews of their debut records "Slow Wave Violence" (Dimwind) and "Though Life" (Breaths).

    When I read Jason's message about this, I was pretty overwhelmed. It is a tremendous honour for me, and I am proud of "my" record. I mean: In a way, it totally makes sense. Musicians also read blogs and feel inspired by the music of their colleagues, and it is also apparent that people are texting and exchanging ideas via social networks like all the time. But what a fantastic coincidence that my blog was a decisive part of this chain. I would never have dared to dream that my articles would lead to something great like this EP. To be honest: It feels quite magical.

    Dimwind and Breaths made a record together after they met over reading my blog

    Dimwind/Breaths (feat. Chad Kapper of Frontierer) – "Seasons"
    Dimwind/Breaths (feat. Chad Kapper of Frontierer) – "Seasons"

    I already mentioned "Seasons" briefly in the Music List for May – the Dimwind track "Window Passed" is part of the playlist. Of course, already had the press release for the record in my inbox by this time. However, I had not yet read Jason's personal message to me. Here's what he texted me:

    "I believe I first heard of Dimwind on your blog, when you reviewed their debut around the same time as mine. I messaged them on Instagram and sent their stuff to Trepanation Recordings, who had just released my album, and the rest is history. Felt natural for us to do this split together as we both feel strongly about climate issues, and our styles share a lot of commonalities, and we love a lot of the same music."

    So it came about that an American blackgaze project, and a post-metal band from Sweden recorded an epic EP together – "Seasons" was born. With their release, the artists want to remind us not to lose sight of the greatest threat to humanity and the entire planet in the turmoil of wars and pandemics – the climate catastrophe.

    Humanity's biggest thread

    Is it already too late, or is there still something we can do? Can we slow down the destruction of the earth if we change our behaviour? What do we need to do? Will the children and grandchildren of our generation ever experience such thing as life without fear of the end of the world? Dimwind and Breaths have set out on the trail of these questions with their recordings – creating a dystopic and thought-provoking masterpiece that could not be more authentic and topical.

    If you don't know the music of Dimwind and Breaths yet: stylistically, it tends in the direction of bands like Russian Circles, Pelican, Alcest, Deafheaven, Holy Fawn, Long Distance Calling, PG.lost, and Lantlos. However, both projects have found their entirely personal style, which fits perfectly into each other on "Seasons" and creates a harmonious overall picture. For next year, I would like to see a joint festival appearance by the Swedes and the solo artist from Richmond, Virginia.

    The split EP "Seasons" consists of the two songs "Window Passed" (15:38) by Dimwind and "When Soft Voices Die" (14:55) by Breaths featuring Chad Kapper (Frontierer).

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