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    An Evening With Knives

    "Sense of Gravity"

    Review von Anne
    07.06.2021 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    An Evening With Knives
    Bild/Picture: © An Evening With Knives

    An Evening With Knives is one of those bands that we definitely shouldn't ignore. Their latest record, "Sense Of Gravity", is only a few months old and deserves to be heard!

    An Evening With Knives have chosen the year that we will all never forget to release their new album that probably a few of us will also keep in mind forever. It's called "Sense of Gravity".

    The feedback the Dutch have received on this latest recording so far has been positive throughout. Nevertheless, they had little opportunity to present the record in the last few months due to the painful worldwide lack of concerts.

    An Evening With Knives don't fit into a box

    An Evening With Knives – "Sense of Gravity"
    An Evening With Knives – "Sense of Gravity"

    Their tour was supposed to take them not only through Holland but also through Belgium and Germany. They had planned to travel the clubs with Insect Ark from the USA and Stake from Belgium.

    It seems that 2021 is a bit more promising; although most festivals have already been postponed, there are some rumours that concerts should be possible again soon. In any case, I wish AEWK that they can perform their great songs as quickly as possible so that people worldwide can enjoy them as a live experience. The band has already announced a few concert dates.

    You could describe the music on "Sense of Gravity" as a mixture of doom and stoner sound – but An Evening With Knives definitely don't fit into any box, and that's good. I am sure: Everyone who enjoys looking for the stars on the floor in front of a stage will love their songs.

    Complex song structures

    The song structures are wonderfully complex, and the sounds are pleasantly heavy and hard – unfolding their full impact when played loud.

    The band has been around since 2015. "Sense of Gravity" already has some predecessors – two of them are EPs, one is a full-length LP. Since their first EP, the three have clearly developed. With the new album, they have given free rein to their creativity. Their influences in the post-rock and sludge corner are clearly recognisable. The mixture with elements from the stoner world makes it perfect.

    An Evening With Knives – "Sense of Gravity"
    An Evening With Knives – "Sense of Gravity"

    You will notice the described diversity right away in the first track on the record ("Sacrifice"). An atmospheric solo is followed by riffs that you would probably otherwise look for with Ozzy and Co. The bass line lingers during a post-rock-like hiatus, leading a perfect transition to the song's grand finale.

    Seven sound treasures

    All in all, the record has many sound treasures in-store, and melodically there is a lot to offer – although "Sense of Gravity" with a total playing time of just 41:05 and eight songs is rather one of the shorter ones of this genre. But sometimes, it just has to be short and concise. Perhaps this is exactly what makes the album so magical, as it remains on a high level until the very last note.

    The band recently released a music video for "Sacrifice". It's a dark short story in DIY style. It is altogether one of those music films I would like to see more of: cinematically excellent, musically tremendous and all-around a must-see. Of course, the protagonist wears an AEWK t-shirt.

    The image keeps changing between the scenes of the short story and an AEVK live gig – it really makes you want to see the piece live in a club as soon as possible. The video may then flicker across the screen.

    An Evening With Knives – "Sacrifice"

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