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    Moby Announces Album and Tour

    Artist celebrates 25 years "Play" with "Always Centered at Night" Release

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    19.03.2024 — Lesezeit: 3 min
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    Moby Announces Album and Tour
    Bild/Picture: © Mike Formanski

    Moby has delivered this groundbreaking news perfectly: The musician just announced a new album and a tour in one sentence! The multi-instrumentalist, who also hosts a podcast and has been committed to animal rights for many years, has lived in seclusion for a long time. He makes many fans very happy by fulfilling their deep wish for a Moby tour. The new album "Always Centered at Night" adds the cherry to this beautiful music cake.

    "Always Centered at Night" will be released on June 14th. Here are Moby's tour gigs:

    Moby. Bild/Picture: © Mike Formanski
    Moby. Bild/Picture: © Mike Formanski

    • London, England, O2 – 2024.09.19
    • Antwerp, Belgium, Sportpaleis – 2024.09.21
    • Berlin, Germany, Velodrom – 2024.09.22
    • Düsseldorf, Germany, Mitsubishi Electric Hall – 2024.09.23
    • Paris, France, Le Zenith – 2024.09.24

    The pre-released single is already available. It is called "Dark Days"; you can stream it on all platforms. The artist has also produced a music video for the track. Please check it out below this article.

    It's been more than ten years since we were able to see Moby live on stages around the world. Now it's finally time again, and we can look forward to seeing what he has in store for us. With this tour, the musician is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his legendary fifth album "Play", with which he released some of his biggest hits such as "Porcelain", "Natural Blues" and "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" in 1999. Moby sold 12 million copies and won numerous music awards with it. It is still the best-selling electronic album of all time.

    The animal rights activist donates 100 per cent of the proceeds from his concerts to European animal welfare organisations. The entire tour, which also takes him to Berlin and Düsseldorf, will also take place here. He intends to remind us of the good old days full of raves, new technical achievements, and love. He says:

    "It's been over ten years since I've toured, but someone reminded me that 2024 is the 25th anniversary of the release of 'Play,' so it seemed like it might not be the worst idea to do a short European tour to commemorate and celebrate. The show will feature well-known songs from 'Play,' but also a bunch of audience favourites, like 'Extreme Ways,' 'We Are All Made Of Stars,' 'When It's Cold I'd Like to Die,' and even some old rave bangers like 'Feeling So Real' and 'Go'. What makes the tour most exciting for me is that I won't be paid anything. 100% of my profits will go to European animal rights organisations."

    "Always Centered at Night" is a collaboration project

    Moby – "Always Centered At Night"
    Moby – "Always Centered At Night"

    Moby created this album "Always Centered at Night" in collaboration with 13 different artists. Including the much-missed Benjamin Zephaniah who sadly recently passed as well as serpentwithfeet ("on air"), Jose James ("ache for"), Gaidaa ("transit") Akemi Fox ("fall back") and Aynzli Jones ("medusa") and the soul-jazz singer Lady Blackbird, who is the voice on the pre-released single "Dark Days". The press has already compared her to Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, and Billie Holiday. The New York Times describes her music as "enigmatic and captivating".

    Renitent, rhythmic, defiant, and compelling—this is what the new Moby album sounds like if you believe the current press release. "Dark Days" definitely goes in this direction and is an exciting foretaste of what awaits us.

    Live podcast with Lindsay Hicks at the Masonic Lodge on May 31st

    Another beautiful highlight of Moby's 2024 comes from a different direction: Together with his partner Lindsay Hicks, the musician is planning a live recording of his podcast "Moby Pod" at the Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles on May 31st. This time, the show will focus entirely on the making of the album "Play".

    If you're attending one of the concerts and want to know everything about the record, it's worth tuning in. In a recent episode, Moby told Lindsey about his "Play" performances in Europe when it just came out. She talked a lot about the euphoria it caused and the emotions we Europeans shared towards songs like "Feeling So Real", "Go" and "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" at the time.

    As a highlight of the Moby Pod live session, Moby will perform some acoustic tracks from "Play" with different singers and a string quartet! If you happen to be in the neighbourhood that day, There are still a few tickets left!

    "Moby feat. Lady Blackbird - "Dark Days"

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