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    My Little Safe Place

    Interview with Marc from Six Days Of Calm about his new album

    Interview von Anne
    06.11.2023 — Lesezeit: 5 min
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    My Little Safe Place
    Bild/Picture: © Six Days Of Calm

    "My Little Safe Place" is the name of Six Days Of Calm's new album. I spoke to Marc about making the record and his sources of inspiration—and about what has changed since we last talked back in 2020, when he just released "The Ocean's Lullaby".

    The new Six Days Of Calm record, "My Little Safe Place", is now available in stores and on all music platforms. I highly recommend you check it out!

    Anne: Hello Marc! Nice finally speaking with you again! How are you?

    Marc: Hello Anne. Yes, absolutely! It's been a long time. I'm doing well so far. It's busy at the moment, but apart from that, everything's great.

    Anne: You've just finished your new album. Congratulations! I've been listening to "My Little, Safe Place", and I think it's an excellent record! Are you happy with your work?

    "The vinyls blew my mind"

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Artwork: Hummel Grafik

    Marc: Thank you very much for your kind words. I am absolutely happy with everything. The creation process was, again, super nice and very emotional. It was only the pressing of the record during the test phase with the first pressing plant that caused us many problems. Fortunately, my label was able to generate another option, which then did an exceptional job and created two vinyl versions that turned out perfectly. I also always get to work with great people who make it easy for me to finalise my visions and creations on "tape".

    Anne: What inspired you to write the songs on "My Little, Safe Place"?

    Marc: There are all kinds of situations and emotions in my life that inspire me to write songs. I can create pieces in life situations that move me, no matter in what respect. I express my emotions with my songs, and if you listen cautiously, you can sense what state of mind I was in when I wrote a song.

    Anne: So, there's a story that runs through all seven songs and connects them?

    Marc: Yes and no. Each song stands alone with its own story. Nevertheless, I arranged the pieces chronologically in a way they tell my story and yet leave enough space for everyone to create their own story while listening. I did this to allow everyone to create their own feelings and images in their heads. I don't want to dictate anything. Everyone should see and feel what comes to them when they listen, and yet it is also my very own story that takes place around my own small, safe place.

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Artwork: Hummel Grafik

    Anne: That makes so much sense to me! It's wonderful. "My Little, Safe Place"—we all need that retreat occasionally. As an introvert, I can recharge my batteries in peace and quiet rather than in the company of others or the hustle and bustle of daily life. After a concert or a lecture, for example, I always need to rest and sort out what I've experienced before I feel able to communicate again. How do you deal with that? Studio sessions and planning such a big release can also be quite stressful, I guess. Would you like to reveal your "Little Safe Place"?

    "My safe place is a place in my mind"

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Picture: Six Days Of Calm

    Marc: I generally live a very secluded life. I avoid big gatherings and happenings. Of course, a release like this is already very time-consuming and demands a lot from me. I always need a lot of rest in between, and that's where my small, safe place comes into play. This place doesn't exist in reality. I do have some areas of retreat that are pretty good, but in this case, I'm not talking about actual safe places. It's much more about my very private, little place where only I can be in my thoughts and regulate myself accordingly.

    Anne: Who did you work with for the new record? I've seen that Hummel Grafik1 is again responsible for the fantastic album artwork. Among other things, this time, there's even a separate work of art for each song! I'm sharing them with my readers here as a gallery.

    Hinweis: Continue reading the interview below the gallery!

    Marc: The album crew is basically the same as on my debut album. Nikita from "Der Weg einer Freiheit" produced the record, Philipp Welsing was responsible for the mastering, and Oli Hummel created a stunning and elaborate artwork. I was speechless when I saw the vinyl versions for the first time.

    I also have some great guests on the album this time. You can hear circle&wind with her voice in the songs "Sorrow" and "New Beginning". I had three excellent classical musicians (cello, violin, horn) in the studio with me, who gave this song something extraordinary.

    Anne: You recorded "The Ocean's Lullaby" during the pandemic. A lot of things must have been easier this time than back then. Did you notice plenty of differences?

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Artwork: Hummel Grafik

    Marc: No, not particularly. The only difference is that back then, I didn't know what would happen after the recordings. I couldn't foresee how hard the music scene would suffer from the shutdowns and what this could mean for me as a newcomer inside the post-rock scene. My debut album was a little less complex to produce, but "My Little, Safe Place" was a little more challenging. The classical musicians in the studio alone, the first and so far, only song with vocals, so there were a few new challenges that made it feel a bit more complex than the first album.

    Anne: The last time we spoke was in 2020. Back then, you had just finished "The Ocean's Lullaby". What has changed since then? So, in terms of your music, for you personally and overall?

    The noise of everyday life

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Picture: Six Days Of Calm

    Marc: Not that much. Of course, a lot has changed in the world, if only because of various disasters like the pandemic, the wars, the climate and so on. In terms of my music, it's been less so. I'm disconnected from many things when it comes to my music and live in my very own world. Otherwise, it would probably not be possible for me to create these sounds—there's too much "noise" in everyday life.

    **Anne: Are you planning to go on tour with the new record?

    Marc: Firstly, I'll be appearing with the full band at one or two festivals, and then we'll have to see what happens. But 6DOC may then be seen live more often.

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place"
    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place". Artwork: Hummel Grafik

    Anne: What are your plans for the near future? Are you already working on new song ideas?

    Marc: Yes, the work has always been going on in the background, and we'll find out more about that in the upcoming months.

    Anne: Thank you very much for the interview, and all the best for your plans!

    Marc: Thank you very much, Anne, and all the best.

    Six Days Of Calm – "My Little Safe Place" Album Premiere

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