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    Briqueville – "IIII"

    Dark Doom Sounds from the Underworld

    Review von Anne
    27.11.2023 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Briqueville – "IIII"
    Bild/Picture: © Briqueville

    Briqueville released a dark soundtrack of the last few months with their new album, "IIII". They already shared the five pieces with the world at the beginning of November, but I would still like to recommend them here. If you already have the record—listen to it. If you don't know it yet—go and get it right now!

    The band shrouded in darkness for over ten years now. Their hypnotic wails embed them in a dark world of doom metal and post-rock—with a good pinch of mysterious field recordings.

    Briqueville is more than just an unforgettable live band. Even when preserved, their music sounds mystical, heavy, complex and brooding. Even if we don't know the people behind the masks, they carry us along with their play and inevitably captivate us.

    Beautiful and frightening

    Briqueville – "IIII"
    Briqueville – "IIII"

    When a few people from the electronic and metal world met one fateful day, this anonymous band of myth and enchantment was born. Once you have encountered them, you will no longer be able to get away from them and will never be able to escape their magic again.

    The mystery surrounding the identities of the Belgians is fascinating. Anyone who sets out to investigate will quickly lose their way and get lost in the intricate network of the post-music scene.

    Strings break through the walls of guitars, heralding the abyss while glockenspiel joins in like a hopeful glimmer on the horizon. Will they solve the mystery? Short and subtle moments of relaxation only make the disaster seem more frightening.

    Briqueville – "IIII"

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