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    ef are back

    Post-rock pioneers announce new album

    Review von Anne
    23.06.2022 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    ef are back
    Bild/Picture: © ef

    After taking a long hiatus, ef are finally back! The Swedes have announced a new album. It's called "We Salute You, You and You!" and will be released on November 4th.

    When Pelagic asked why we didn't hear from them for such a long time, the band answered like this:

    "Life happened. We started families. Most of us did."

    Then there was the long sickness of guitarist Daniel Öhman. He was hospitalised for a very long time and had to fight his way back into his life step by step.

    "We Salute You, You and You!"

    The band wanted to open a new page and make a fresh start—"We Salute You, You and You!" is the result. The friends finally gathered in the studio again after years to record the album. ef are delighted with the result. So, we can be curious and already place our pre-orders. The LP is already displayed in the Pelagic online shop.

    All together, we can expect seven new songs. After the release, there will be a tour through Europe. So, don't miss out on the gig in your city!

    Tour through Europe

    The band, who achieved cult status among post-rock fans long ago, is mentioned together with projects like Sigur Rós and Mono. Their new album "We Salute You, You and You!" will be the thirteenth part of their discography so far.

    Read my interview with EF here!

    Interview about the new album

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