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    "Rupture" by Lost in Kiev

    A Record we should all listen to

    review von Anne
    02.08.2022 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    "Rupture" by Lost in Kiev

    Lost in Kiev are planning to release their new album "Rupture" on October 7th. Pre-orders will be available from August 4th. I have already listened to it and advise you to consider buying it.

    I showed you the first pre-released song, "Solastalgia," in my August music list, which is no reason not to share it with you again in this article. I think the band made an excellent choice for their fans' first contact with their record, as it gives a beautiful foretaste of the complete work.

    Lost in Kiev can now look back on more than ten years of band history, during which they have released post-rock with their very personal signature. I saw them live for the first time a few years ago at the DUNK!festival in Belgium. Since then, their music hasn't let me go. In my interview some time ago, they told me some of their band secrets. Have a read, it's worth it.

    "Rupture" by Lost in Kiev is another highlight in the band's history

    Lost in Kiev – "Rupture"
    Lost in Kiev – "Rupture"

    Lost in Kiev love to tell their personal stories with their records. So while "Persona" was about the increasing power of artificial intelligence, this time, it's all about the band members' feelings about the extreme environmental changes that are becoming more and more noticeable worldwide. "Existential stress triggered by a change of the external circumstances" – that's the meaning of "Sostalgia", by the way.

    However, the theme of the songs is by no means the only reason why the album fits perfectly into 2022, but even more: we shouldn't waste this year without enjoying these 52 minutes, divided into nine songs this year. The lyrics from the second song, "Prison of Mind", which Lost in Kiev recorded together with Loïc Rossetti from The Ocean, pretty much sum up what humanity should spend time thinking about every day.

    "Find the reason why we shouldn't fight"

    Lost in Kiev didn't renounce their signature sound walls on "Sostalgia". They start building up in the first track and have already gone through many peaks on "Rupture", which is the last track on the record.

    On their fourth studio album, the Paris-based musicians perfected their characteristic balance between tender and quiet moments of recognition and surging waves of energy and power. From the first chords of the first song, it's crystal clear that this record is another highlight in the band's history. After 2019's "Persona", things continue a little less raw again but as lively and multi-layered as we know Lost in Kiev.

    Imaginative sound structures

    Lost in Kiev – "Rupture"
    Lost in Kiev – "Rupture"

    As for all of us, the pandemic years have not passed, Lost in Kiev without a trace. But that hardly makes the band sound more pensive or brooding. On the contrary, their sound structures are even more well-considered, which results in an impressively precise picture of our time.

    Imaginative, playful, and permeated with gloomy clarity – that's how I'd describe "Rupture" in a nutshell. The band's fandom of science fiction, cyberpunk, and dystopian future fantasies is palpable at every moment. Futuristic keyboard sounds weave a unifying thread through the album's overall concept.

    Lost in Kiev stayed who they are and yet have reinvented themselves. They have added a new layer to their prosaic, cinematic sounds. Their narrative style has become even more elegant, and their stories are more vivid than ever.

    Picture in Header: Stephane Burlot

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