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    "Trancevoicer" By Egor Lappo

    Progressive Metal From St. Petersburg

    Review von Anne
    22.02.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    "Trancevoicer" By Egor Lappo
    Bild/Picture: © Egor Lappo

    On March, 19 Egor Lappo is going to release his third album "Trancevoicer". I already had the chance to listen to it. Here is what can expect .

    Egor Lappo's music reminds me of Porcupine Tree. But the musician from St. Petersburg is also influenced by Lonely Robot, Ghost and Devin Townsend.

    The solo artist describes his latest work as space prog metal: I think that's a pretty good description. With his style, he playfully mixes elements of progressive rock and metal as well as ambient and even pop.

    Egor Lappo mixes prog and ambient

    Egor LappoEgor Lappo

    What sounds pretty sweet in parts rises and builds up again to dark spheres and layers of metal guitar sounds. The creative mix of styles from the most diverse genres and music generations finds its place on the record shelf between Dream Theater and Steven Wilson. Egor himself describes it this way:

    "Basically, I wanted to express what would happen if Rush instead of Blue Oyster Cult had inspired Ghost."

    Egor doesn't have to hide behind the big ones. With his sounds, he could easily open the stage for bands like Opeth or Mastodon. His songs follow a clear concept. But that doesn't make them seem overloaded or overproduced.

    The musician turns the clash of two seemingly mismatched worlds into a futuristic artwork – including a science fiction story. The album is about a renegade who decides to betray his home planet to save another from occupation after a cosmic catastrophe. On his journey, other turncoats join him in pursuit of a secluded but peaceful life. In the end, both worlds are on the brink of destruction: one through stubbornness, distrust and solar flares, and the other by obsession, greed and wars.

    "Trancevoicer" to be released March, 19th

    Lappo's musical saga will be available on all streaming services from March, 19th. You can place your pre-orders at Bandcamp from today. Also, you can already convince yourself of the album's uniqueness with the first advance sample "The Mask of Kindness". The next teaser "On Such a Sad Note" will be available ten days before the album release.

    Egor Lappo on Bandcamp

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