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    "And The Rain Tasted Like Blood"

    Interview von Anne
    31.07.2020 — Lesezeit: 3 min
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    Bild/Picture: © Galathain

    If you're into dark and heavy Post-Rock you should listen to Galathain. The post-rock Project from Venezuela just released the first teaser for the upcoming EP "And The Rain Tasted Like Blood". You can find it in my music list for August.

    In our interview, I asked Klaus about his project his musical roots, and his plans for the future.

    Anne:  Hi! Thank you very much for this interview! How are you doing? How are things going these days in Venezuela? I hope you are all doing well!

    "Galathain is my solo project"


    Klaus: I'm doing very good thanks. Well in Venezuela things are still pretty rough with all the economic and social Issues but going fine, at least family and friends are good!

    Anne:  Tell me about your project! I am very curious about Galathain! When did you start it?

    Klaus: Galathain right now is one-man project though I count with the support of my friends in my other band Anfiorester. This project started by accident really, I was writing a lot of demos for my first band, and some of those demos were left aside so I decided to do something with those ideas and give it a second chance. So I started to compose songs with the intention and mindset of making a project more consistent and firm.

    Anne:  You are mixing doom with ambient elements. Where are your musical roots? Which bands do you like?

    "I listen to a lot of Venezuelan folk music"

    Klaus: I listen to a lot of classic rock from the 70's and Venezuelan folk music. One of my biggest inspirations right now is Simón Díaz. He is the father of folk music in Venezuela. In the realm of ambient, post-rock, and shoegaze music my inspirations are Sigur Rós, Oh Hiroshima, Holy Fawn, Caspian, recently Of the Vine (I discovered them because of your interview) and the whole classic post-rock scene like EF, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Swans, and so on...

    Anne: Wow! I'm so glad that you discovered Of the Vine through my interview !

    Swans, yes. I've seen them live once at DUNK! Festival. It was quite intense. They almost brought down the whole area with their music - I mean literally! They are so loud! No lie: We were in the front row first, but after a few songs we where laying in the car doors closed with our ear protection deep inside our ears covering our heads with our sleeping bags and it still kept on hurting in our ears. You could feel it in your whole body. You wouldn't suspect that when listening to their music on a record, would you? These guys are legendary. And a little bit crazy I guess.

    Besides Music: What inspires you most?

    Klaus: What inspires me the most I would say are nature and solitude. Those two things are the perfect mix for creating any kind of art. I think there's a lot of wisdom in mother nature and humans should learn a little bit more from her.

    Anne:  Should more people listen to post-rock and shoegaze?

    "People should give post-rock a try"


    Klaus: Absolutely! I know the songs are not made with "usual" song structures and sounds (especially post-rock) but I think people should give it a try.

    Anne:  Did you work on another project before you started Galathain?

    Klaus: Yes with my first band Anfiorester. We are currently making an EP with a very dark and spacy mood and we are very excited to release it soon.

    Anne:  When will your third EP "And The Rain Tasted Like Blood" be released? Will there be a vinyl edition?

    Klaus: Soon! I'm working on the last songs right now. Probably I'll release it in vinyl but for now, I don't have plans to do it. But let's see if the universe wants a vinyl edition, haha!

    Anne:  Your artworks are very special. Who creates them?

    Sometimes the artwork comes to my mind before the song

    Klaus: For now me. I'm currently studying graphic design so the artworks are a way for me to test my skills. I always like to make the artworks with Icelandic landscapes or trees and gloomy things. Sometimes I like to make the artwork before I create the song just to get inspiration from a visual source. A good method also is writing the song from the title. It's very helpful when you have an artist's block or when you can't come with any ideas.

    Anne:  This sounds like a creative method to me! Are you making plans on coming to Europe for some concerts someday?

    "I'm focused on the writing process"

    Klaus: Well here comes the surprise! I'm already in Europe! I moved to Spain three years ago. It has been quite a good experience thankfully. Regarding concerts, I don't have the motivation to start doing it now but in time it's one of my goals. At the moment I'm more focused on learning more about the writing process and the sound engineering field, maybe when I release more projects I'll start gigging around Madrid and who knows maybe other countries that would be a dream come true!

    Anne:  Thank you very much for your time! All the best to you! Let's keep in touch!

    Klaus: Thanks to you Anne! I'm very grateful for this opportunity!

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