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    Pam Risourié - "Days of Distortion"

    Dreamy Shoegaze Making Weltschmerz More Bearable

    Review von Anne
    26.04.2024 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    Pam Risourié - "Days of Distortion"
    Bild/Picture: © Pam Risourié

    Fans of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch shouldn't miss "Days of Distortion" by Pam Risourié. But the Paris-based project isn't chasing after role models at all. It has created something entirely new that is truly worth listening to. Incidentally, the record was mastered by none other than Simon Scott (Slowdive)!

    You can clearly feel influences from shoegaze, post-rock, dream pop and maybe even a slight pinch of slowcore. But Pam Risourié don't waste any time with genre boundaries. "Days of Distortion" is cosmopolitan, versatile, and playful. After three official EPs, it was time for Pam Risouri to finally record an album. What unfolds on the two sides of this LP is magical and tells stories you want to experience.

    The soundtrack for the remake of a great series

    Pam Risourié - "Days of Distortion"
    Pam Risourié - "Days of Distortion"

    The first track, "You Are the Sound", immediately surprises with a mix of catchy melody, classical orchestration and acoustic surprises. The breathy lyrics, which are more in the background, complete the sound and create a fluffy atmosphere.

    "High on A Wire" picks up gracefully from here, and Pam Risourié immediately prove right away that they can also handle distortion. "Scuba" begins with sad spoken words that dissolve into pensive sounds. Tremolo was used here, which creates a pleasant tension.

    The first track on the B-Side, "Solemnly", slowly builds up. What begins contrastfull and off-rhythm slowly builds up the thoughtful tension to the highlight of the LP. "Spectre" then comes back with distortion, briefly extending the interlude and continuing the story that Pam Risourié tell with their debut. Could someone please remake O.C., California and set the story on the Côte d'Argent this time? This song definitely belongs on the soundtrack!

    The days of distortion

    "A Star Among The Candles" begins rhythmically again and spirals deeper and deeper into the winding corridors of a world of sadness, melancholy, harmony, and tenderness.

    The piece is followed by "Weltschmerz", and this word from the German language describes very well what happens in the phases of this track, which at almost eight minutes is the longest track on "Days of Distortion" and the record's set of. It feels like taking a deep breath on a quiet path in a forest after a long day full of traffic noise, stress and loud people. Or, to stick with the O.C. theme, on a quiet beach. Thoughts of the confusion behind you don't quite leave you but are washed away by the gentle waves of the guitars that begin to play.

    "Disappear For Me" is the fitting finale of an album we have probably all needed. For some of us, it might bring back times when all frustration was quickly eliminated with a few chords, and we didn't have to deal with the global catastrophes of our time—the days of distortion. The lyrics sound like they've been blown over from afar and perfectly contrast the robust guitars and the driving rhythm section.

    Listen to it! You won't regret it. Before you get the vinyl, you can do so on Bandcamp1. The album has already been released, and the European tour is about to start.

    Tracklist "Days of Distortion"

    1. "You Are the Sound"
    2. "High On A Wire"
    3. "Spectre"
    4. "A Star Among The Candles"
    5. "Solemnly"
    6. "Weltschmerz"
    7. "Scuba"
    8. "Disappear For Me"

    Pam Risourié – "Days of Distortion"

    Pam Risourié - Tourdates: 30.04.2024 - Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig, DE; 01.05.2024 – Provoz, Ostrava, CZ; 02.05.2024 – T-3 Kultúrny Postrėdok, Bratislava, SK; 03.05.2024 – Tranz Festival, Banská Bystrca, SK; 04.05.2024 – Klub Na Vėčnosti, Znomo, CZ; 05.05.2024 – Kulturhaus Insel, Berlin, DE; 07.05.2024 Loophole, Berlin, DE; 08.05.2024 – Fliese, Potsdam, DE; 09.05. 2024 – BCH, Hannover, DE; 10.05.2024 – FZW Festival, Dortmund, DE; 11.05. 2024 – Horst Klub, Kreuzlingen, CH; 14.05. L’International, Paris, FR
    Pam Risourié - Tourdates

    1. Pam Risourié – "Days of Distortion", Bandcamp

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