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    come le onde - "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio"

    Nature’s Silence Skilfully Set to Music

    Review von Anne
    25.04.2024 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    come le onde - "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio"
    Bild/Picture: © come le onde

    I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio" is the debut album by come le onde, released on 22 April. The musician behind this project is the Sardinian sound artist Andrea Porcu, whom some of you may already know under the pseudonym Music For Sleep. I've listened to the new work and would like to recommend it to you.

    On "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio", numerous friends support Andrea. Satomimagae did this by adding the vocals, Tatsuro Murakami with jazz archtop guitar (tracks 1 "Il giorno che ci siamo persi" and 6 "La notte che ci siamo ritrovati") and fretless bass (track 6), Shant Cunha with cello play (track 3 "Tutti i colouri del sole" and track 8 "Mai lasciare") and M. Kobets with trumpet sounds(track 8).

    Dreamlike sound worlds

    come le onde - "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio"
    come le onde - "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio"

    Andrea Porcu worships silence with his new album, only interrupting it with some flowing and natural sound sequences here and there. Layer by layer, sound worlds build up, gently merging into one another and constantly forming a sea of rhythm, melody, and drone sounds that bring everything together. Out of our space and our time, we embark on a flight through distant planets. Worlds full of hope, introversion and calm await us. Electric guitar riffs (Maurizio Santoro, Cesar Ambrosini) play a role every now and then, ensuring that the tension remains for what happens next and creating an almost vivid interplay with tape loops, trumpet (track 1, track 4 - "I titoli", track 5 "Grazie", track 6 and track 8) and synths.

    Overall, "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio" is an impressive and versatile album. The fact that the total of eight tracks lasts just 23 minutes creates an exception within the genre and, at the same time, provides the background music for a relaxing and lucid meditation session. Anyone looking for silence in between to recharge their batteries will find it on this record.

    1. "Il giorno che ci siamo persi" (feat. Tatsuro Murakami)
    2. "Istantanee mancanti"
    3. "Tutti i colori del sole" (feat. Satomimagae)
    4. "I titoli" (feat. Satomimagae)
    5. "Grazie"
    6. "La notte che ci siamo ritrovati" (feat. Tatsuro Murakami)
    7. "Onde timide"
    8. "Mai lasciare" (per Helge)

    "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio" has been released on ROHS! RECORDS. You can stream the album on Bandcamp1 or buy the vinyl version.

    come le onde – "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio"

    1. come le onde – "I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio", Bandcamp

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