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    Bipolar Architecture – "Metaphysicize"

    Post-metal as We Want It

    Preview von Anne
    12.01.2024 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    Bipolar Architecture – "Metaphysicize"
    Bild/Picture: © Bipolar Architecture

    Fans of Deafheaven, The Way of a Freedom, Thou, Cult of Luna, Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, PG.Lost should pay attention at this point and definitely carry on reading this article. Something big is coming your way on February 2nd with Bipolar Architecture's second album! I already got the chance to listen to it, and here is not only a preview for you but also your first taste (two pre-released songs!) of the record!

    The four musicians from Istanbul and Berlin have signed with Pelagic Records. They're known for their boundaries-shattering, expansive post-metal sound since their founding in 2020. The music of the quartet stands out from their previous project, Heretic Soul, but Enes Akovalı (bass), Sarp Keski (vocals, guitars), Marcus Sander (guitars) and Fatih Kanık (drums) have retained their anger—which is a good thing by the way! With subtle references to important influences from djent, hardcore, post-rock, and shoegaze, they're entertaining and inspiring their listeners, making strong statements with their songs.

    On "Metaphysicize", Sarp sings in his native Turkish language for the first time in some songs. With that, he breathes additional life into the album and ensures even more intensity and complexity. I think he made a good decision by doing that—I want to hear more of it!

    Far more intense than thoughts and conversations could ever express feelings

    Overall, the album is a diverse collection of the band members' experiences, styles and personal impressions. Enes, Sarp, Marcus and Fatih vent their disagreement with humankind's choices of our times with these seven pieces - always with a noticeable spark of longing and hope. Rawness, balance, calm, and chaos are close on this album, but they always remain clearly separated from each other—"Metaphysicize" thrives on its contrasts!

    The lead single on "Metaphysicize" is called "Death of The Architect". You can already listen to it online. You can find the psychedelic-tinged official video below. Frontman Sarp Keski wrote the piece for his father. With the song, he deals with loss, uncertainty and darkness. The song forms the album's base, showing how deeply instruments can express feelings—far more intense than thoughts and conversations ever could.

    Bipolar Architecture – "Death of the Architect"

    The second pre-release, "Metaphysicize", just popped up a few hours ago—it also comes with a video. Frontman Sarp shared the following words about it with Pelagic Records:

    "'Metaphysicize' was the first song we wrote for this album. It then served as a vital source of inspiration for all other pieces. The song's different perspectives, reflected in Fatih's jazz-influenced drumming, made writing the entire album an eye-opening experience for all of us.

    The first song of the album and its namesake, 'Metaphysicize', continues the introspective work of our previous album, 'Depressionland'. However, this time, we're taking control of these dark emotions and exploring the idea of them as cosmic signs of our collective inter-being. The video for 'Metaphysicize' sees three characters take destiny in their hands as their mobile phones become compasses, helping them find inner balance in a world intent on pulling our attention away from ourselves."

    Bipolar Architecture – "Metaphysicize"

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