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    Your Best Imaginary Friend – "I completely disagree"

    Subtle electronic sounds from former EF member Jonathan Råsmark

    Review von Anne
    09.11.2023 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    Your Best Imaginary Friend – "I completely disagree"
    Bild/Picture: © Your Best Imaginary Friend

    It's already been a few years since we've seen Jonathan Råsmark together with EF. The former member of the iconic Swedish post-rock project (2006 to 2008) has now released a wonderful album with his solo project, Your Best Imaginary Friend. "I completely disagree" goes straight to the heart with subtle electronic sounds and invites you to dream.

    EF's former cellist and guitarist, Jonathan, moves just as skilfully through the world of electronic instruments, opening up a new colourful playground that has now become his musical home, as he tells me. Nevertheless, you can also sense his past in the ranks of the post-rock titans here—this may also have something to do with the fact that none other than EF member Daniel is involved in the drum tracks on "I completely disagree".

    Overall, the record is a very well-balanced work—filled with tons of beautiful soundscapes. When you put it on your player, you will instantly feel immersed in a multi-faceted world of harmony, introversion, and reflection. The ten tracks on "I completely disagree" deal with sudden realisations, the possibility of discarding ideas and the conviction of not agreeing with the general opinion.

    An ode to empathy

    Your Best Imaginary Friend – "I completely disagree"
    Your Best Imaginary Friend – "I completely disagree"

    Anyone who suspects heaviness or dissonance behind the album title is mistaken. The record, as a whole, radiates a unique and all-encompassing calm that gently embraces you as you listen. At the same time, "I completely disagree" comes across thoughtful—if not to say musing— in a very inspiring way that stimulates your imagination. Melodically, the Swedish sound artist chose some enchanting themes for this piece. My particular highlight so far is the fourth track, "Carmalaya". Jonathan's cello playing is so beautiful you want to cry—so get ready for some goosebumps.

    "I completely disagree" is the most pleasant contrast program to our dark and disturbing age I can imagine. During its almost 50 minutes, you begin to realise that peace and harmony can also be a form of protest: I completely disagree—"I don't go along with your noise, your strife, and your violence."

    Overall, you can see this album as a thing our world desperately needs: a peaceful antithesis and a manifesto of peace—an ode to empathy and compassion if you want so.

    Following his demo EP "001" from 2018, "I completely disagree" is the first official album by Jonathan Råsmark, aka Your Best Imaginary Friend. He released the record on 20 September. It is available on all music platforms.

    Your Best Imaginary Friend – "Carmalaya"

    Meet Jonathan Råsmark aka Your Best Imaginary Friend online on his website.

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