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    Lilium Sova – "Tunnel du soir"

    They Created A New Genre

    Review von Anne
    12.05.2022 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Lilium Sova – "Tunnel du soir"

    In 2006, the founding members of Lilium Sova laid the foundation for their post-noise/jazz/avant/post-hardcore collective in Geneva. The sound alchemists just presented their new EP "Tunnel du soir", which you definitely shouldn't miss.

    Cold Smoke Records exclusively released the work, which is probably the only one of its kind, in digital format. Not only do the Swiss celebrate their 15 (+1) anniversary with "Tunnel du soir". In addition, they maybe created a whole new genre that breaks every frame with their current record.

    Lilium Sova originally were a trio. In the meantime, they feel pretty comfortable as a quartet – which you can hear on their three new tracks.

    Lilium Sova – "Tunnel du soir"
    Lilium Sova – "Tunnel du soir"

    Cyril Chal's bass playing harmonises perfectly with Timothée Cervi's crass drumming. But it's not only the rhythm section that has pretty good skills within this substantial project. Loïc Blazek (who has been with LS since 2012) knows how to play the guitars and extracts the most beautiful sounds from them. He also does this with a cello, which you can hear here and there. Sébastien Favez, who joined the band in 2017, took care of the keys.

    A complex sound experiment

    To add even more sparkle to their EP, the four invited some notable musicians to their recording sessions. Michael Borcard joined them with his saxophone (he actually was a permanent band member from 2006 to 2012), Jamasp Jhabvala with his cello (Convulsif, Maspin and Paracelze) and Bruno Silvestre Favez (Earthflesh,ex-Rorcal) steps on the machines.

    The complex sound experiment has clearly worked out and will certainly keep us busy for a while. You can get the record now. Feel free to join me on my endless Bandcamp spins or just listen to it right here right now.

    This record was made for fans of Primus, The Ocean, Tool, and Thot.

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