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    The Infinite Exhale Of The Ocean

    Interview With Film Music Composer And Ambient Artist Caminauta

    Interview von Anne
    16.02.2022 — Lesezeit: 5 min
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    The Infinite Exhale Of The Ocean
    Bild/Picture: © Caminauta

    Caminauta (Camila) creates film soundtracks, scores and various art projects. She wants to express a wide variety of moods with her work – especially the quiet and reflective moments. Therefore, she prefers to work with various elements from the ambient and electronic world and combines them with classical orchestrations. The result is a unique kind of minimalist music that touches the heart and transports feelings.

    I got to know the artist through the label where she has just released her latest piece on record: The film and ambient composer from Uruguay has joined Merigold Independent, founded by Samuel Laubscher (Of The Vine). She has been making music for a long time and not only fascinates film fans with her art. She releases her latest work, "As The Seas Exhale", just as I am writing these lines.

    Anne: Hi! Thanks for taking the time for this interview! It's so good to finally talk to the woman behind all this wonderful music! How are you doing today? How is the release doing so far? By the way: Congrats on "As The Seas Exhale"! It is fabulous! I think it's calming and suspenseful at once. The contrasts you use to transport different feelings are magnificent – it's like you're telling a story without words.

    "The ocean inspires me"

    Camila loves the ocean.
    Camila loves the ocean.

    Camila: Hello Anne, Thanks to you for having me! I am doing fine. The release is going well. It's good to know some people already pre-ordered, and I am happy to know it has such a tremendous impact on everyone.

    Anne: What is the story behind "As The Seas Exhale"? You told me it has a lot to do with films, your life near a beach in a very isolated place, and your extended walks there? This sounds exciting!

    Camila: "As The Seas Exhales" arose from my inspirations from my extended walks and observations by the sea. I wanted to express my inner relationship with what surrounds me and how life feels. Every time I look to the sea, there seems to be an infinite exhale. It is constantly present for me.

    Anne: Caminauta combines the film music composer world and the ambient/experimental music world, which is also partly inspired by the film music world. What distinguishes the two worlds? Would you say that they have grown together over the years? Or is it the other way round: Did you decide to keep them more separated at some point?

    "My ambient experiments helped me to dive deeper into film music"

    Camila aka Caminauta in her studio.
    Camila aka Caminauta in her studio.

    Camila: I think what distinguishes them is that the film music part feels like my job. With my experimental/ambient project, Caminauta, I am free to express and show my musical experiments more openly to the community. Of course, they have grown together over the years, and thanks to my curiosity about ambient music, it helped me dive even deeper into composing film music.

    Anne: The list of films you composed music for is quite long, and you worked with people from all over the world, from Germany ("Hannah", 2018), to Norway ("Invasion", 2021), to the US ("Ballad For A Girl In Pain", 2020) Denmark ("Under Overfladen", 2019), and Ireland ("Almost Home, 2018") – to name a few. Is there a project that you would call your favourite one? Which collaboration was the best so far?

    Camila: I think every collaboration is unique and wonderful. There are some directors I still work with from time to time. One of my favourites is "The Poetic Film Invasion" by Margarida Paiva. She is an incredible director, and I feel we got a really great connection through each other's work.

    The film draws a picture of the tiny world of these brown slugs, who are considered to be one of many destructive pests. The little creatures appear like strange slimy aliens filmed in a dreamlike atmosphere. The film reflects our relationship with other beings – in this case, one of the ones that tend to appear quite repulsive at first sight.

    Anne: You released your new record with Samuel from Merigold Independent. Did you enjoy working with him? How did you get to know each other?

    "I always loved being creative"

    Inspired by the beach.
    Inspired by the beach.

    Camila: I really enjoy working with Samuel! He is an outstanding artist and a dear friend. We met on the internet some years ago, and I think he knows every piece of my work from my Ambient excursions till now.

    Anne: You've recorded several compositions for films, and you've also worked on a few short movies and other art projects over the last few years. Have you always been a creative mind?

    Camila: I would say yes. I remember using my creativity since my early childhood. Even though I was not immersed in music at an early age, I always had this creative energy. I always loved things like drawing, and I always enjoyed art. So I think it slowly guided me to music which is a fascinating world for me.

    Anne: The fact that you specialised in film compositions sounds like a childhood dream come true to me. Was it one?

    "My curiosity is my motor"

    Camila: To be honest, I never thought I could end up loving making film music. I started to think about it when I was around 18 years old, and now eight years have passed since I got into it.

    Anne: It seems you are constantly working on a few projects with many different artists at once. How do you manage to concentrate on such a variety of unique and amazing things simultaneously? What would you say motivates you the most?

    Camila: I think what motivates me the most is my curiosity and passion for creating something that never existed before. I enjoy discovering myself through the unknown, manifesting it and adding value to someone's project, learning something new, and experiencing different creative processes. It's always a lot of fun.

    Anne: As a writer, I use music to put me in some sort of flow. It helps me put my ideas to paper and even start to write, which I try to do every day. You said you are writing music every day. What would you say puts you in this particular kind of mood?

    "My introspective lifestyle helps me to create things"

    Can you feel the infinite exhale of the ocean?
    Can you feel the infinite exhale of the ocean?

    Camila: I have enough time to do it, live near nature, and have a very introspective life. I think enjoying this lifestyle puts me in the mood to create something.

    Anne: After releasing "As The Seas Exhale", what's up next on your list of projects? What can we look forward to next from you?

    Camila: I am on the way to preparing an Ambient/experimental EP with my Casiotone MT-68 and tape loops which I will probably release on some cassette edition next winter.

    Anne: This sounds terrific! Don't forget to text me once it's ready!

    One last question: If you could name one thing in the world that people need to change, and they changed it. What would it be?

    Camila: I think we should all give the time we have left on earth more value.

    Anne: Thanks very much for this inspiring interview! It was a pleasure talking to you! Take care and all the best for you and your work!

    Camila: Thank you for having me, for your interest and for giving me this space on your amazing blog! It was a pleasure!

    Caminauta – "As The Seas Exhale"

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