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    Thot celebrate 10 years "Obscured by the Wind"

    "Blue & Green (are melting down in a new seed)"

    Review von Anne
    04.06.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Thot celebrate 10 years "Obscured by the Wind"
    Bild/Picture: © Thot

    Thot are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their milestone album "Obscured by the Wind" with a breathtaking live recording of their song "Blue & Green (are melting down in a new seed)". The video is available online now.

    Thot are announcing today's release with some bitterness: Due to some technical issues during the post-production of the recording, a large part of the material got destroyed. Originally the Brussels based band had planned open-air live versions of all ten songs on the record.

    Dreamlike atmosphere

    What remains is a dreamlike version of the sixth song on the record "Blue & Green (are melting down in a new seed)". The massive amount of expression, pureness and feeling Grégoire and his group put into the atmospheric set leave you speechless.

    Beautiful moments await you. The unique atmosphere, the natural dynamics, and the minimalist setup put a cosy veil over this outstanding work. The new arrangement is a particularly profound version of the great song. Grégoire describes Thot's characteristic style as "Vegetal Noise". There is truly no better way to describe this sound, which seems to come from another world.

    Here is Grégoire's quote on the song:

    "'Blue & Green' is the most electronic track on the album 'Obscured by the Wind'. Taking possession of it in this uncluttered form was an intense exercise, which took on its full meaning thanks to the subtle playing of Lucie and the shivering violin of Catherine, on which I was able to lean. The full moon of spring was an ideal companion to celebrate the ten years of this album with this video."

    Interview with Thot founder Grégoire

    You can read my extensive interview with Thot founder Grégoire here. We talked about the post-rock scene in Belgium, the milestones in the band's history and his childhood heroes. He also told me which Thot album he likes best. Don't miss it!

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Obscured By The Wind", Thot also released an exclusive vinyl edition of the record.

    Thot - "Blue & Green (are melting down in a new seed)"

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