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    Oslo Tapes – "Ør"

    New Album In June

    Review von Anne
    06.04.2021 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    Oslo Tapes – "Ør"
    Bild/Picture: © Oslo Tapes

    On June 4th, Oslo Tapes will release their new album on Pelagic Records. Especially fans of Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, My Bloody Valentine, and Portishead should not miss it.

    Precise drums and playful basslines combined with New Wave synths and psychedelic guitar playing pull you into an impressive sonic maelstrom – the record really has it all. The sometimes shadowy, almost ghostly vocals round off the eight masterpieces on "Ør".

    Something completely new

    Oslo Tapes – "Ør" Pelagic Records

    "Ør" is the third album by the project from Italy. It brings us avant-garde rock at its best. Images of barren mountain massifs, endless expanses and deserted countryside play before the inner eye when listening to it.

    Even though some borrowings are on the new Oslo Tapes LP, the band has created something completely unique. "Ør" sounds futuristic, almost extraterrestrial, without losing touch with the clearly recognisable roots.

    The history of Oslo Tapes

    In Norwegian, "Ør" means something like "dizzy" or "confusing". A perfectly chosen name for an extraordinary sound world that is difficult to put into words and invites you to dream.

    Around ten years ago, Marco Campitelli, who grew up in Lanciano in the south of the Adriatic coast, founded his project Oslo Tapes. A trip to the capital of Norway had impressed him so deeply that there was no other option for him than to name his band after it. Within a week in 2013, he recorded the first album entitled "OT (un cuore in pasto a pesci con teste di cane)".

    With the support of his friend Amaury Cambuzat (faUSt, Ulan Bator), he released the record on DeAmbula Records (Ulan Bator, The Marigold, 7C). Two years later, Mauro Spada, and Federico Sergente (Zippo) joined the project. Shortly after, the second album, "Tango Kalashnikov", was released on DeAmbula.

    "Ør" - the making of the album

    For "Ør", Marco Campitelli invited a whole bunch of professionals on board. Amaury Cambuzat and James Aparicio (Mute Records, mixing and mastering engineer Depeche Mode, Mogwai, Nick Cave) are also responsible for the production. The album's title comes from none other than Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh, with whom Marco became friends during the recording and let him introduce him to the "Norwegian world of thought". Together with Mauro Spada on bass and Davide Di Vigilio on drums and percussion, Marco Campitelli has created an ingenious concept album that shines with dark and imaginative narratives. From its hypnotic first note to the last tone.

    From the dizzying heights of the Norwegian mountain ranges to the lonely lowlands. From the cold of the winter fjords to the light-flooded summer night: With "Ør", Oslo Tapes have succeeded in setting a fascinating, and miscellaneous country to music. When you put on the record, a journey through time and space, through seasons and climate zones, begins that could hardly be more exciting.

    Pre-order "Ør" here

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