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    Inner Landscape – "3H33"

    French Post-Metal Collective Takes Off

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    02.05.2024 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Inner Landscape – "3H33"
    Bild/Picture: © Inner Landscape

    "3H33" is the name of the debut album by French post-metal collective Inner Landscape. It will be released on May 17th on Klonosphere Records/Season Of Mist. The band members see their influences primarily in projects such as Isis, Sumac and Intronaut and surprise listeners with a delightful and masterly mix of atmospheric and heavy sounds.

    With their music, they created a world of fascinating sound. There could be no better band name for the collective from Lyon than Inner Landscapes. With their riffs, melodies and changes of rhythm, they draw imaginative pictures that form exciting stories in your mind's eye when listening to their songs.

    On-point post-metal

    Inner Landscape – "3H33"
    Inner Landscape – "3H33" With "3H33", the four musicians show us how well powerful vocals and hard riffs can be combined with jazzy drums and emotional soundscapes. With a total of six tracks and a playing time of just 41 minutes, it still succinctly summarises the talent within this band.

    The result of Inner Landscape's collaboration with Hervé Faivre from Improve Tone Studios (recording and mixing) and Pierrick Noel (mastering) is truly impressive and proves the band can certainly keep pace with some of the giants of their genre. Their music is authentic, multi-layered and headstrong—precisely how great post-music should be.

    Listen to this record! It's worth it! You can pre-order "3H33" via Bandcamp1, and already listen to the last song on the record, "3h33". Check it out now!

    Inner Landscape – "3H33" – Tracklist

    1. "The order of things"

    2. "Collective Dissonance"

    3. "Old ghosts"

    4. "Unexpressive fall"

    5. "Wreckage"

    6. "3h33"

    Band line-up Inner Landscape

    • Julien Gachet: Vocals/Guitars

    • Alexandre Covalciuc: Guitars

    • Thibaud Bétencourt: Bass

    • Adrien Bernet: Drums

    Inner Landscape
    Inner Landscape

    1. Inner Landscape – "3H33", Bandcamp

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