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    "stray light" first Release on floralia editions

    Toronto-Based anthéne just Launched Promising Ambient Label With Brand-New Album

    Review von Anne
    14.05.2024 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    "stray light" first Release on floralia editions

    anthéne just launched a new tape label called floralia editions. "stray light" is the first album anthéne, aka Bradley Sean released under the new name. It joins his numerous and varied musical works and is a brilliant example for all musicians who will release their music on floralia editions in the future.

    You've already had the chance to get to know anthéne here on Sounds Vegan through Brad's collaboration "Soft Octaves" with James Bernard, which was released in 2023. I was already impressed by the creativity of the people behind the project back then and also way earlier. So, of course, I said yes when Brad invited me to listen to "stray light", which anthéne shared with the world on May, 6th!

    As I suspected, taking the time to familiarise myself with the new label and the first record released on it was more than worth it: "stray light" is a beautiful reminder to listen to some good Ambient music every day, whilst floralia editions is a promising new project. The sound artists from Ontario, Canada, collaborate with Avi C. Engel on it. He is contributing his visual art to floralia.

    Hopeful, relaxed and promising

    "stray light" is definitely one of anthéne's calmer albums. Starting with the song "crimson", the listener gradually dives deeper into a universe which is as relaxed as it is multi-layered. The total of eight tracks carry you away in 38 minutes and tell of a world of light and hope. The contrast of reality that gently shines through here and there remains a hint—adding the splashes of colour to this inspiring overall work.

    The connection between two opposing poles—the one of calm and relaxation and the one of the chaos and the harshness of reality—creates a palpable arc of tension. It runs through all the songs and skilfully connects the story Brad tells with his music.

    Layer by layer, he built up his sound work into an impressive album that resembles the webs of silkworms and spiders in its construction: delicate and, at the same time, more stable than walls built of the sturdiest bricks could ever be.

    "stray light" is the perfect start for a new ambient label

    For the start of his new label, Brad did a fantastic job, awakening the wish to listen to more of this music and making us curious about the next release on floralia editions. I'm sure you're about to find a thing or two about it if you continue to read along here on Sounds Vegan.

    You can find floralia editions on Bandcamp1. You can also listen to "stray light" and buy the record there2.

    anthéne – "stray light"

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