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    A Burial At Sea – "Close To Home"

    The Post-Rock Collective is Back!

    Review von Anne
    22.12.2023 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    A Burial At Sea – "Close To Home"
    Bild/Picture: © A Burial At Sea

    You can already listen to the lead single, and the new album will be out in February! A Burial At Sea are back! I've already listened to the LP and can't stop raving about it. So there's no way around it: Mark your calenders! You definitely don't want to miss this record!

    The big day will be on February 23rd. Until then, you can get in the mood for what's to come with the pre-release and lead single "páirc béal uisce". I've attached it below, so all you have to do is press play.

    The now Liverpool-based collective from Ireland delivers an emotional foretaste of the upcoming album with this track, and the feeling never lets up with the rest of the songs. All in all, you'll be treated to eleven fantastic songs that will spice up your year 2024—that much is for sure.

    Meditative energy

    A Burial At Sea "Close To Home"
    A Burial At Sea "Close To Home"

    43 minutes of pure energy, created by dreamlike sound baths, harmonious sequences and walks between the tides, await you. As you listen, you will drift somewhere between brass-driven shoegaze and math metal—maybe you will also sense a slight touch of jazz somewhere. The first chords will give you goosebumps that don't let up until the final chord.

    The project, which has existed since 2018, has created a fabulous, meditative piece with "Close To Home". It is a brilliant overall picture full of hope, positivity, and devotion. Since their first EP, "… And the Sum of Its Parts", in 2018 and their self-titled album debut in 2020, A Burial At Sea have delved further into their creative and open-minded approach to music and have become a mainstay within the post-music scene.

    Love for memories

    With their third official release, A Burial At Sea reinvent post-rock for the third time, bringing a breeze of fresh air to my favourite genre—with a good eye for all those small magical details and a lot of love for memories. ABAT can be mentioned in the same breath with bands like And So I Watch You From Afar, Caspian, and This Will Destroy You with a clear conscience.

    According to the band's founders, Dara Tohill and Patrick Blaney, "Close To Home" explores their Gaelic roots. And it is quite personal. Here is Patrick's comment on the opening piece, "Páirc Béal Uisce":

    "'Páirc Béal Uisce' is the park where I grew up on the north coast of Ireland."

    Look forward to "Close To Home" by A Burial At Sea!

    Dara and Patrick wrote the eleven songs in an intensive period of introspection and added the creative ideas of many years to them.

    You can hear and feel this: the melodies, some of them delicate, and melancholic, stimulate the imagination and play with numerous allusions, hinting at multi-layered memories. Distorted guitars meet brass; harmony meets disharmony, and energy meets calm and balance.

    The whole thing happens quickly and precisely, taking your breath away as you listen. A Burial At Sea play with such infecting enthusiasm, feeling absolutely confident in what they do. Listening to this band is pure joy—feels like coming home!

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    "A Burial At Sea – "páirc béal uisce"

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