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    "Fathom" By SOONAGO

    Post-Rock Against Racism

    Review von Anne
    04.04.2022 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    "Fathom" By SOONAGO
    Bild/Picture: © SOONAGO

    Today, I'd like to introduce you to a post-rock band from my former home town Bielefeld. SOONAGO got together in 2014. Recently they presented their new album "Fathom". It has been released on Kapitän Platte and is available on CD and vinyl in addition to the digital version, which you can find on all music streaming platforms.

    The first thing I noticed on my first spin of "Fathom" is SOONAGO's precision which they maintain throughout the entire playing time of 42:33. Within the German post-music scene, the four are already well-known. With their instrumental sound, SOONAGO are pretty well received. They have toured with bands like The Hirsch Effekt, Brutus, Shy, Low, Spoiwo and Nihiling – to name a few.

    A clear statement

    Soonago – "Fathom"
    Soonago – "Fathom"

    With "Fathom", SOONAGO are processing the political events of the last few years. While the band was busy writing the songs, there was news popping up about the grievances around the globe every few minutes. You can definitely guess the musicians' feelings about this from the heaviness of some of the songs. Especially "Fathom", "Evac", and "Apophenia" seem to stand out here. Shortly before the album's release, SOONAGO shared this clear statement:

    "We may be a band without vocals, but not without a voice against racism."

    After their debut album "Nephele" in 2017, "Fathom" is the second full-length album of the post-rock crew from East-Westphalia. Their elegant mix of brutal riffs and dreamy soundscapes speaks for itself. Their tracks tell a multifaceted and exciting story that builds up bar by bar and song by song, creating a wholesome peace of art in the end.

    Some of you may be familiar with the Kapitän Platte sampler "Lokalrunde". With their song "Nephele" from the album "Chronos", SOONAGO have been featured d on it – with a version of the track mastered by the amazing Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).

    Collaboration with Magnus Lindberg – a dreamlike cooperation

    He also did the mastering for "Fathom" – you can clearly recognize his handwriting which suits SOONAGO more than well. It sounds like the dream of a corporation. The band's distinctive dynamics and Magnus' detail-oriented style fit together perfectly.

    If you wonder who is responsible for the beautiful artwork for the record: Swedish artist Staffan Larsson created it. He has also perfected EF's albums with his work.

    SOONAGO are Simon Kohler (bass), Christian Blaue (drums), Lukas Külker (guitar) and Niklas Teich (guitar). You can "Fathom" and "Nephele" on all music streaming platforms and in your local record store.

    SOONAGO - "Fathom"

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