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    The new album by Fere

    Review von Anne
    27.11.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Bild/Picture: © Fere

    I am sure you agree with me that it's about time to discover one more beautiful post-rock record? I don't want to brag, but I might have done just that today. Fere's new album came out on November 20th on Raging Records. The music on "Visceral" hit me to the core.

    Fere is a sound collective that formed in Portugal in 2016. It feels pretty challenging to categorise the project, so let me just skip that part. I think it isn't necessary anyway.

    Instrumental post-rock at its best

    Fere – "Visceral" Album Cover (Black and white picture of a Venus Flytrap plant with the word "Visceral")
    Fere – "Visceral"

    Let's just say: The new album strongly tends in a direction that I particularly like: noise-decorated instrumental sound from another world.

    The five tracks on "Visceral" are multi-layered and varied. What starts with a somehow sustained tempo and some great gloominess changes to an airy, playful ocean of sound and back again.

    The quartet from Porto combines elements from modern post-rock with experimental ambient sound and doom sequences – music can hardly be more varied.

    A contemplation of the human subconscious

    "Visceral" is meant to be a contemplation of memory, a map of the human subconscious and the painful memories that lurk hidden in the far corners of the brain.

    Filigree, precise drumming, imaginative guitar riffs and playful soundscapes paint the picture of this world we carry within us every day. Somedays, it comes out more; other days, it rests hidden deep inside our souls.

    A journey through time

    When listening to it, Fere take me on a journey. We are rolling through the past, the future and another version of the here and now. "Visceral" is a record that manages to bring out the beauty from the murky depths and hide the fear without repressing or burying it in a toxic way – this leads to a harmonious balance from which many bands can still learn a thing or two.

    Fere consists of Mariana Costa (drums), James Manso (bass), João Pedro Amorim (guitar) and Pedro Mendes (guitar).

    Fere – "Ossos"

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