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    "Keep The Orange Sun"

    New Album By From Overseas & awakened souls

    Review von Anne
    23.09.2021 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    "Keep The Orange Sun"
    Bild/Picture: © From Overseas & awakened souls

    awakened souls recorded a fantastic new album in cooperation with From Overseas aka Kévin Séry. It will be released tomorrow, so I'll take the chance to introduce it to you today. For me, "Keep The Orange Sun" is solid gold – it definitely needs to be part of my vinyl collection.

    If you don't know awakened souls by now: They are a musical couple from Los Angeles who already recorded three records together. Some days ago, they got to know Kévin through the ambient community. All three of them have been fans of each other's music for a long time, so when they met, they decided to make an album on Past Inside The Present Records.

    The outcome is quite magical. The music reflects the intense conversations the three artists had when they first met about their shared musical influences and inspirations.

    From Overseas & awakened souls – "Keep The Orange Sun"
    From Overseas & awakened souls – "Keep The Orange Sun"

    A Mindful Journey

    "Keep The Orange Sun" takes you on a mindful journey. The nine songs in total are telling of the certainty that life changes ("Certainty Of Tides"), of emerging self-doubt ("Release/Adapt") and of the benefit of immersing yourself in the present moment as a gateway to a deeper connection with nature and your own life ("Keep The Orange Sun").

    Stylistically, the newborn trio relies on elements from the electronic, shoegaze, and ambient world. So each band member contributes their or own individual fingerprint.

    This combination and the perfect-seeming harmony between the musicians provide an unbelievably rounded and versatile body of work that sends pleasant shivers down the spine of fans of all three genres.

    From Overseas & awakened souls
    From Overseas & awakened souls

    "Keep The Orange Sun" is a new masterpiece from From Overseas.

    For me, "Keep The Orange Sun" is more than a pleasure. It is a beautiful successor for From Overseas' last masterpiece, "Home", which I also featured here on the blog. I'm already very excited to see what we can expect next from Kévin.

    From the atmospheric sunrise in "Certainty Of Tides" to the emotionally charged sequences in "Any Of This Lies", and the soulful moments in "Rise", the LP spirals up until the sonic peak "Release/Adapt". So far, the track is my favourite on "Keep The Orange Sun". The song is incredibly vibrant. Especially the tender lyrics have it in them, making me dream while listening – of a world without doubts and insecurities.

    From Overseas & awakened souls
    From Overseas & awakened souls

    With "Open Heart", From Overseas and awakened souls, open our hearts by giving our ears a wellness treatment. "Deepest Ocean" continues in a relaxed manner. A sound bath of feelings lets me dive into a chilly world full of darkness and light. Light swimming strokes lead me further in the direction of "Keep The Orange Sun". The album's eponym brings beautiful post-rock elements. The space seems endless and wide.

    The dreamlike finale

    "Migration" surprises me with its playful nature. The piece enchants me and forms the perfect transition to the dreamlike finale "Passing Dreams". I am letting the thoughts pass by as they come, not holding on to them anymore.

    You can find my interview with awakened souls here.

    Read my interview with Kévin Séry aka From Overseas here.

    awakened souls & From Overseas – Certainty Of Tides

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