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    A Post-Punk Surprise From Norway

    Beitrag von Anne
    02.08.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Bild/Picture: © Duvel

    Do you like good post-punk and the style of bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees or Savages? If yes, you should definitely give Duvel's new record a chance. The crew from Oslo released it on July 2nd.

    The self-titled album consists of nine very multifaceted songs. Three years after their promising debut "Attempts At Speech", it comes as a special surprise.

    Duvel's Music comes with keyboards now

    Duvel – "Duvel"
    Duvel – "Duvel"

    Just like Kollapse's "Sult", the long-player was released on Fysisk Format. Zacharias Flaathe (bass), Brage Lindebrekke (drums) and Jack Holldorff (guitar and vocals) founded the project in 2017. When Kaspar Nikolaisen Hegre (keyboards) completed the band after the first album, they refined their sound. His keyboards provide exciting MGMT moments here and there, and I think I can also sense some My Bloody Valentine influences. So there is also something for the shoegaze/indietronica lovers among you.

    All in all, "Duvel" sounds rebellious and, at the same time, soulful and well-thought-out. It feels how stylish 80ies sound with the correct dose of spontaneity should feel. On top of that, there's a good touch of glamour in addition to the punk attitude. By the way, vocalist Jack sang his way into my heart on the first listen.

    The songs are short, concise and yet versatile and well-composed. My favourite so far is the track "U". I wonder if that's because of the piano?

    Duvel recorded their latest work with Morten Øby. He also did the final mix for "Duvel". Please have a listen; it's really worth it! If you were wondering: "Duvel" is not only the name of a Belgian beer brand, it is also the Norwegian word for devil.

    Duvel "Hong Kong Sex Toy Store"

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