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    "Post-rock leaves a lot open to the imagination"

    Interview von Anne
    12.06.2020 — Lesezeit: 5 min
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    Bild/Picture: © Solkyri

    Recently the Australian post-rock band Solkyri released their sensational new album "Mount Pleasant". Andrew Pearsall (bass, percussion, synthesizer) talked to me about it.

    Anne: Hi! Thank you very much for this interview! How are things going? We would have met at this year's DUNK! Festival but unfortunately due to Corona, it couldn't take place. Are you still planning on coming to Europe, soon?

    Andrew: I'm extremely grateful to be in good health and to still have a job (for now) during this time of uncertainty. It's unfortunate that we had to postpone the tour to Europe as we spent the good part of 18 months working it out. Even though we were eventually forced into the decision, it was definitely the correct thing to do.

    "We are realigning our goals"


    We are trying to realign our sights for 2021 but there's still a lot of hoops to leap through. Both for the band and the general state of the world.

    Anne: You've been to DUNK! Festival before. I like the festival pretty much. It's quite different from other festivals. Maybe it has something to do with its small size. I do like the people there and the atmosphere in the lunch breaks at the youth hostel. And meeting the bands while brushing your teeth in the morning. Is this how festivals are supposed to be?

    Andrew: Yes we played Dunk! Festival In 2015 with our good friends In Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. Apart from playing on stage, there's no boundary between the crowd and the bands. It's very homely and it is something I definitely would welcome at more festivals.

    We were so excited to return this year and catch up with Dunk! crew. Especially Joris who we taught how to kick a footy last time!

    Anne: You are originally from Sydney. The city seems to be a melting pot for post-rock music right now. How would you describe the music scene there and how it evolved overtimes?

    "Sydney has a strong music scene"

    Andrew: The Sydney scene is strong and it is not limited to just post-rock either. There are a plethora of excellent experimental groups that are paving the way for smaller and lesser-known bands. Big credit must be given to two local labels Bird's Robe Records and Art As Catharsis who have really helped in giving artists a platform and a stage to showcase their music.

    Anne: How would you describe your collab with DUNK! Records? I can see them bringing all these amazing Australian post-rock bands to Europe. Which is really great, I think!

    Andrew: It's a collaboration that we are very fortunate to have. Not only have DUNK! provided us with the opportunity to tour Europe, but they have also allowed us to press our new album on vinyl for the first time. It’s amazing that we can continue to grow and reach new heights with this partnership.

    Anne: Speaking about your new album "Mount Pleasant" you just released. It's a great record, I like it a lot! What inspired you most when recording it?

    "The record is about deception and false façades"

    Andrew: Thank you for the kind words! The record is based on deceit, deception and false façades. A track like 'Potemkin' takes inspiration from the architecture of the Potemkin Village, a construction used to deceive others into believing a situation is better than it is.

    Anne: Which track on "Mount Pleasant" do you like best?

    Andrew: I'm split between two. I really enjoy 'Meet Me In The Meadow' as it was such a thrill to write and displays the bands strengths in a different light. I also really like the closing track 'Gueules cassées' because it is just a goliath of a track and also because we've never really closed a record in that type of fashion before.

    Anne: I've heard you've recorded the album in London. Is that right? Do you spend a lot of time there?

    "Our music has become more dynamic"

    Andrew: No we actually recorded in Ryan's studio (guitars, keyboards, and producer) in Springwood, Australia. The record was mixed and mastered in London by our close friend Dax Liniere. Nick actually visited the London studio prior to us working on the new record.

    Anne: You are making music together since 2006. What has changed since then?

    Andrew: I hope that we've gotten better! But in all seriousness, I believe that the music we write now is more expansive and dynamic. This is largely due to the fact that we recruited Ryan in 2014.

    Anne: You are an instrumental band. This format works quite well with your music. Did you ever think of working together with a singer?

    Andrew: We have experimented with vocals in the past. Hannah Cameron leant her voice to our song 'Home' and a lot of people seem to get a lot of mileage out of that tune. I would like to say we would be open to having more vocals in the future but we will always stay true to our instrumental roots.

    "We will always stay true to our instrumental roots"

    Anne: One thing I like about shoegaze, math rock, and post-rock is the connection between vulnerability and toughness. I think we are sharing our big love for this genre. What do you think makes it so fascinating?

    Andrew: I believe the music from those genres has the ability to tell a story without actually delivering it to you in the form of lyrics. It leaves a lot open to the imagination.

    Anne: What inspires you most, when working on new music?

    "Hang out and make music is the only inspiration I need"

    Andrew: We are really close friends. So the chance to be able to hang out and make music is the only inspiration I need!

    Anne: That sounds pretty amazing! And creative though! Did you always make music? And what does that mean for you?

    Andrew: I started to play music In my late teens. Before that, I was heavily invested in sports. Solkyri is the only music group that I have ever been a part of.

    Anne: Are there any bands you would like to mention as a big influence on your music?

    Andrew: Real Estate, Deerhunter, Ovlov, Jon Hopkins and Ólafur Arnalds are some of my biggest influences.

    Anne: What helps you to get into a state of creativity?

    Andrew: Escaping from the daily grind of work definitely helps!

    "We would like to fill the tour break with new recordings"

    Anne: What's up next for Solkyri?

    Andrew: We are looking into recording some live performances to fill the void of not being able to play live at the moment. So hopefully we will have some more content to share with both our audiences at home and abroad. Other than that, we will continue with writing some new music.

    Anne: I am very curious to see what happens next! Looking forward to experiencing some brand new Solkyri stuff! Thank you very much for your time and your answers! I appreciate it a lot! All the best to you.

    Andrew: Thank you! Stay safe and well.

    Solkyri was founded in Sydney in 2006. The band consists of Adam Mostek (guitar, keyboards), Andrew Pearsall (bass, synthesizer, percussion) and Nick Hall (drums, percussion, keyboards and guitar). "Mount Pleasant" is the fourth album after "No House" (2011), "Are You My Brother? (2013) and "Sad Boys Club" (2015).

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